Welcome to your site about ICT for MDVI. This website is for anyone involved in the lives of people who are Multiple Disabled and Visually Impaired. Whether you are a professional, a relative of an affected person or simply a person interested in increasing your knowledge in this field. We will be delighted to hear from you and share our knowledge to grow together thanks to your experience combined with ours!

Together with partners in Hungary, Iceland, Spain and The Netherlands we developed the iExpress toolkit. With the iExpress toolkit we facilitate professionals to properly assess the ICT skills of children and adults with severe multiple disabilities. The toolkit is focused on MDVI clients with a developmental age between 0 – 4 years.

You can find more information about our project here

Why screen ICT skills with MDVI students?

The current technical developments offer a lot of possibilities to give MDVI students (and clients) more control over their own lives. You can think of controlling toys through ICT, or simple communication possibilities, being able to play your own music or video, playing along with your siblings. Small changes can mean great impact!

And an explanation of the final product in a special animation video can be found here


The iExpress II project is funded by Erasmus + and is a natural follow up of the earlier project iExpress Myself. In this project, a screening tool for the use of assistive technologies for blind and visually impaired children with multiple disabilities (MDVI) was developed and validated.

We are a multidisciplinary team, mainly formed by Special Education Teachers and ICT Professionals, working together to improve the self-sufficiency of MDVI users through the training of their ICT skills. We understand ICT as a mean to better communicate and to empower them in a more satisfactory multisensory experience in our schools or even at home and their daily life.

We come from the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Iceland, from different entities focused on improving disabilities and inclusion



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The app


You can download the iExpress Myself Microsoft Windows x64 Desktop application here!

Please, read carefully our privacy policy here and the software guidelines here.

The application has been tested on Windows 7 Professional(*), Windows 10 Professional x64 and Windows 11 Professional x64 (21H2 pre-release version).

(*) Windows 7 might rise an alert window in case the system is lacking a library (api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0.dll) which the engine is not looking for at the proper place due to discontinuation of retrocompatibility policy regarding older Microsoft Windows versions. We also added that library in the installer package

(**) Nevertheless, in case it appears, once the alert is closed, the application should start and perform normally. It is also possible to manually install the missing library in your system to avoid seeing the alert. On Windows 7 x64, this file is located in C:\Windows\System32\CompatTel, you can also copy it from that folder and paste it in C:\Windows\System32 (its parent folder). In case it is not there, you might want to check whether you have the update KB2952664 installed (July 2018) and, in case you haven’t that update in your computer, you could find it in the official Microsoft website here: