Multiplier Event

On Wednesday 16 June 2021, 14:00-16:00 CEST, iExpress will
host its free final event online! Will you be there?

What is iExpress?

Together with partners in Hungary, Iceland, Spain and The
Netherlands we have developed the iExpress toolkit. The
iExpress II project is funded by the European program
Erasmus + and is a natural follow up of the earlier project
iExpress Myself. In this project, a screening tool for the use of
assistive technologies for blind and visually impaired children
with multiple disabilities (MDVI) was developed and
validated. With the iExpress toolkit that is developed in the
current project, we want to facilitate professionals to properly
assess the ICT skills of children and adults with severe
multiple disabilities. The toolkit is focused on MDVI clients
with a developmental age between 0 – 4 years.

Together with Visio, Erasmus+ made a film about the impact
of the iExpress II project.

Koninklijke Visio | iExpress Myself from Erasmus+ Nederland on Vimeo.

This film clearly shows what the project stands for. Watch the film to see why the project is successful and why we are so proud of the first results.

Why screen ICT skills with MDVI students?

The current technical developments offer a lot of possibilities to give MDVI students (and clients) more control over their own lives. You can think of controlling toys through ICT, or simple communication possibilities, being able to play your own music or video, playing along with your siblings. Small changes can mean great impact!

What does the iExpress toolkit consist of?

The toolkit consists of a number of elements needed in order execute the assessment properly and develop a clear plan for follow up.

  • Guidelines: In the guidelines the project, the realisation and all its parts are explained. It explains the necessary preparations and conditions to perform a screening. It can be used as a reference when conducting a screening or when drawing up and implementing an ICT plan.
  • Screening lists: There are two screening lists with items focused on the very first ICT skills. There is a list for the visually impaired student and one for the blind student.
  • Software: To administer the items, an online software programme has been developed with which you can do the screening and keep the scores in a database. In the software there is also a part for training with fun exercises for the different ICT skills that are appropriate for this target group and developmental age.
  • ICT plan: After the screening, you can use the ICT plan to record the results and set specific goals for further training.
  • Training materials for professionals to learn how to work with the toolkit.

How do we know this toolkit works?

During the project we have researched the impact of the iExpress toolkit and the possibilities of the professionals to measure, monitor and train the ICT skills of their students, the participation and stimulation of the skills of the students, but also the increase of knowledge and insights in this area by caregivers and professionals.

Despite serious issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to collect some really interesting results that we are very eager to share with you during our final event on the 16th of June. We will demonstrate the impact of iExpress by sharing examples of working with the toolkit in our pilot in the Netherlands and in Hungary. We will do so amongst others through videos and inspiring testimonials.

Would you like to be there and learn more about iExpress and its endless possibilities? 

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We hope seeing you on 16 June 2021!

Best regards,
the iExpress team

  • ASPAYM Castilla y León, Spain,
  • Budapest School for the Blind, Hungary,
  • National Institute for the Blind, Iceland,
  • and Royal Dutch Visio, The Netherlands.

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