Multiplier Event

The E1 Multiplier Event was held on 16 June 2021. Together with the partners from Iceland, Hungary and Spain coordinator Visio shared the results of the project. Visio hosted the event and the webinar was broadcasted live, supported by pre-recorded films. This event included the premiere of the beautiful animation film made about the project and the iExpress toolkit. In addition to the premiere of the film, attention was also paid to the evaluation of the pilot and the impact on the target group. We also spoke with the software developers about the development process and with the National Agency about impact.


The main goal of this event planned at the start of the project was to disseminate the results of the iExpress II project to a wider public of professionals working with MDVI children. Professionals who are interested in using innovative ways of testing the ICT skills of MDVI children (developmental age 0-4). This was exactly what was done. The broadcast functioned as the start of a campaign that goes beyond the project period where the final product, the toolkit and all its components will be presented to a wider audience of MDVI professionals all over Europe (and beyond).


The project partners demonstrated the application and presented the results from the pilot (O2/A4) that are included in the final version of the applications and the toolkit. Video presentations of the testing phase (after consent of trainer and child/parents or caregivers) showed the functioning of the applications. By presenting specific cases, steps forward by making use of the Individual ICT Plan functions were illustrated. We explained how the applications can be downloaded for its use and how the toolkit aims to support the use on all fronts. During the event the participants were shown how to use the applications and were encouraged to disseminate the toolkit amongst their colleagues in their own organisations. The event was closed by a Q&A session.

Together with Visio, Erasmus+ made a film about the impact
of the iExpress II project.

Koninklijke Visio | iExpress Myself from Erasmus+ Nederland on Vimeo.

This film clearly shows what the project stands for. Watch the film to see why the project is successful and why we are so proud of the first results.

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